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Aerospace Engineering as a Major

Hey everyone! I'm considering what to study in college, and I'm really into aerospace engineering. Is aerospace engineering typically offered as a major at most colleges or is it more of a specialized field?

6 months ago

Hello! Aerospace engineering is a fascinating field, but it's not as widely offered as some other types of engineering, such as mechanical or electrical engineering. It's definitely more specialized, and you'll often find it at larger universities or institutions that have strong engineering programs.

That said, many schools do offer aerospace engineering as a major or a concentration within mechanical engineering. When creating your college list, you can search for schools that specifically offer aerospace engineering, or you can consider related majors, such as mechanical engineering, and then specialize in aerospace through your elective courses, research projects, or internships.

Lastly, there are some universities that are known for their aerospace or aeronautical engineering programs, such as MIT, Caltech, or Georgia Tech. These institutions would be worth looking into if you're passionate about aerospace engineering and want to study at a top school in the field. Good luck with the college search process!

6 months ago

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