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Social Security number on the Common App?

Hello! I'm a little worried about entering my social security number on the Common App. Is it required and how secure is it? Any information from those who have completed the process would be super helpful. Thank you!

6 months ago

Hello! It's completely normal to have concerns about sharing sensitive information like your Social Security number. To address your question, providing your Social Security number (SSN) on the Common App is not required but is highly recommended. Submitting your SSN helps colleges and universities match your application to your financial aid documents, such as the FAFSA, and ensures you receive all the funding you're eligible for.

As for security, the Common App has been designed with data privacy in mind. They follow strict data security protocols to keep your information safe, and only authorized individuals—like college admissions officers—have access to your submitted information.

If you're still concerned about providing your SSN, you can choose to leave it off your application and provide it to the colleges directly, either through their individual portals or by contacting their admissions offices. However, this can delay the processing of your financial aid, so submitting it with your Common App is generally the most efficient option.

If you do choose to provide this information in a way other than the Common App, always remember to use a trusted network when submitting your information and never share your SSN through unsecured communication channels like email or social media. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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