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Understanding EE Grade Boundaries?

Hey, I'm working on my Extended Essay (EE) for IB and I'm a little confused about how the grade boundaries work. Does anyone have experience with EEs and can help me understand the grading system? What should I focus on to maximize my grade? Thank you!

6 months ago

Hey there! I can definitely help break down the Extended Essay (EE) grading system for you. The EE is graded on a scale of 0 to 34, with different criteria contributing to the overall score. There are five assessment criteria:

1. Focus and Method (Criterion A): 0-6 points. This criterion assesses the clarity of your research question, how well you've situated the question within the relevant subject area, and the robustness of your research methodology.

2. Knowledge and Understanding (Criterion B): 0-6 points. This evaluates your understanding of the subject matter, demonstrating appropriate background knowledge and effectively using relevant terminology.

3. Critical Thinking (Criterion C): 0-12 points. This is the largest portion of the assessment. It reviews the depth and breadth of your analysis, how well you've structured your argument, and your ability to critically evaluate both your own work and the sources you've used.

4. Presentation (Criterion D): 0-4 points. This criterion assesses the overall structure, organization, and use of appropriate citation styles in your essay. It also checks for coherence and clarity in language.

5. Engagement (Criterion E): 0-6 points. This criterion reviews how well you've documented your research process, reflecting on your engagement with the subject, and any intellectual and personal growth you experienced.

To maximize your grade, keep the following in mind:

- Be clear and specific with your research question, making sure that it's relevant to your subject area.

- Demonstrate a deep understanding of your topic through thorough research and effective use of terminology.

- Focus on critical thinking, making deliberate choices in both your argument's structure and content.

- Ensure that your essay is well-organized and properly cited.

- Reflect on your journey and personal growth throughout the research process.

By catering to these criteria in your EE, you should be able to achieve a high score. Good luck with your Extended Essay!

6 months ago

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