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Where can I find a GPA score chart?

I'm trying to better understand how my percentage grades convert to a GPA on a 4.0 scale. Can anyone point me towards a reliable GPA conversion chart?

6 months ago

While there is no universally-accepted GPA conversion chart, there are a few reliable sources that can help you with converting your percentage grades to a GPA on a 4.0 scale. One of the most commonly used is the College Board's GPA conversion chart, which you can find on their official website. Here's a simple breakdown of the conversion based on their chart:

- 93-100%: 4.0

- 90-92%: 3.7

- 87-89%: 3.3

- 83-86%: 3.0

- 80-82%: 2.7

- 77-79%: 2.3

- 73-76%: 2.0

- 70-72%: 1.7

- 67-69%: 1.3

- 65-66%: 1.0

- Below 65%: 0.0

Keep in mind that this chart is a general guideline and different high schools and colleges may have their own specific methods for converting percentage grades to a 4.0 scale GPA. It's always a good idea to reach out to your school's academic counselor or registrar for the most accurate information on how your school calculates GPA. Additionally, if you're applying to colleges, check their specific GPA requirements as they may provide their own conversion charts or instructions.

If you're looking for more detailed guidance, other resources like CollegeVine can be helpful, as they offer tools and personalized advice tailored to your individual circumstances. Good luck with understanding your GPA!

6 months ago

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