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Famous HOBY alumni?

Hey all, I recently attended a HOBY leadership conference and I'm just curious—does anyone know any famous HOBY alumni? It would be cool to know if any big names were once in my shoes at this conference! Thanks!

6 months ago

Hey there! The Hugh O'Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership conference is a great opportunity for young people to develop leadership skills and engage with other like-minded students. In terms of notable alumni, you will find that there are many successful individuals in various fields who attended HOBY conferences in their youth.

A few examples of famous HOBY alumni include:

1. Heather Whitestone McCallum: She became the first deaf Miss America in 1995. A strong advocate for the deaf community, she also participated in HOBY and credits the experience as influential in her journey.

2. James Holzhauer: Holzhauer gained national attention as a Jeopardy! champion with his unique playing style and game strategy. He is also a former HOBY participant who used the skills he gained from the conference in his meteoric rise on the show.

3. Kal Penn: The actor, known for his work in the "Harold & Kumar" films as well as roles in TV series like "House M.D." and "Designated Survivor," is another HOBY alumnus. He has also served as an Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement under President Obama.

4. Gina Rodriguez: The "Jane The Virgin" star is another HOBY alum who has since found success in the entertainment industry, including winning a Golden Globe for her performance on the show.

5. Blake Mycoskie: Founder of the successful TOMS shoes company, Mycoskie also participated in a HOBY conference during his youth. His entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on social responsibility were undoubtedly influenced by his HOBY experience.

These are just a few examples of famous HOBY alumni who have made an impact in various fields. The conference strives to provide valuable leadership skills and experiences that can benefit participants throughout their lives, no matter what path they choose to follow.

6 months ago

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