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Percy Jackson Essay - Unique or Overdone?

I'm thinking about writing my personal statement on how the Percy Jackson series played a major role in shaping me as a person and my passion for mythology. Do you think this is a unique and memorable topic, or would it come across as overdone to admissions officers?

6 months ago

While the Percy Jackson series is fairly popular, your specific experiences with the series and how it has shaped you and your passion for mythology can make your essay unique and memorable. The key to making your essay stand out is by focusing on the personal aspects of your journey with Percy Jackson and avoiding any general discussions about the series itself.

To make your essay memorable and distinctive, be sure to:

1. Share personal anecdotes or memories related to reading or discussing Percy Jackson, linking them to elements of growth or self-discovery. For example, if you found solace in these books during a difficult time or if they helped you form meaningful friendships through shared interests, weaved those narratives into your essay.

2. Discuss how your engagement with Percy Jackson sparked a broader interest in mythology and led to tangible actions or experiences. For instance, you could talk about how you went on to study the original Greek myths, how you joined or founded a related club, or pursued related extracurricular activities or academic projects.

3. Reflect on the specific aspects of the Percy Jackson series that resonated with you deeply, and why it has had such a lasting impact on your life. By providing this introspection, you'll give the admissions officers insight into your thought process and demonstrate your ability to connect personal passions to broader interests.

Overall, your personal statement should focus on your growth, your unique perspective, and how Percy Jackson served as a catalyst for these experiences. By doing so, you'll avoid making your essay feel overdone and effectively showcase your personality and interests.

6 months ago

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