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Duke vs Brown

Hey, everyone! I'm struggling to decide between Duke and Brown for college. I've heard they have pretty different vibes, but I'm curious to know more about the academics and overall atmosphere. Can anyone share their experiences or insights that might help me decide on which to commit to?

6 months ago

Hi! Congratulations on being accepted into both Duke and Brown – that's an amazing feat! You're right that the two schools do have different vibes, but both offer a great educational experience.

Starting with Duke, it's typically recognized for having a strong sense of school spirit (thanks to its successful basketball team), and it's set in a more suburban area in Durham, North Carolina. The campus is often described as having a "work hard, play hard" mentality, with a social scene that is somewhat centered around athletics and Greek life. Academically, Duke has well-regarded programs in public policy, engineering, and biomedical sciences, among others. The students there are generally very driven, and you might find the environment a bit more competitive.

On the other hand, Brown has a smaller undergraduate population compared to Duke and is located in Providence, Rhode Island – a quaint, artsy, and more urban setting. Brown is well-known for its open curriculum, allowing you greater flexibility in choosing courses and exploring different areas of study without strict distribution requirements. The atmosphere at Brown is generally described as more relaxed and collaborative, with a greater emphasis on intellectual curiosity and academic freedom. Brown's most renowned programs include applied mathematics, computer science, and literary arts.

It's essential to consider which atmosphere and academic approach suit you best. You might want to think about whether you prefer a more academically-driven, competitive environment or one that's laid-back and focused on collaboration. Also, keep in mind the locations and campus settings, as they can play a role in your overall experience. Visiting both campuses, if possible, could be helpful in making your decision. You could also try reaching out to current students or alumni from both schools to get a better understanding of the student experience and school culture.

I hope this information helps you in weighing the pros and cons of each school. Best of luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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