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Need help with Syracuse essay prompts!

Hi friends! I'm working on my application for Syracuse and I need some guidance with their essay prompts. Can someone share examples of successful essays or provide some useful tips on how to tackle them effectively?

6 months ago

Hello! I never applied to Syracuse, so I can't provide the most helpful information on writing their essays, but I would strongly recommend you check out this post from CollegeVine that has all the info you would need to write a strong Syracuse essay!


I used similar blog posts from CollegeVine when I was working on my supplemental essays and I thought these were fabulous in helping me figure out how to approach the prompt and respond. I know that they update the posts with every application cycle, so you can be sure that you are getting accurate advice based on the current prompts. Definitely give this a look to help you as you start writing!

6 months ago

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