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How to start my personal statement?

Hey everyone! I'm kinda struggling with how to come up with an intriguing introduction for my personal statement. Would any of y'all be willing to share a sample opening line from yours? Just need some inspiration. Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! A great way to start your personal statement is by opening with a captivating anecdote or story that draws the reader in and relates to the point you are trying to convey in the rest of your essay. Try to focus on something that's memorable, related to your personal growth, or demonstrates an important aspect of your character.

For instance, you could begin with something like, "As I stared down at the bubbling, molten chocolate, I realized that crafting my own confections could become more than just a hobby—it could be the spark that ignited my entrepreneurial spirit." This statement sets the stage for a story and conveys an excitement for both chocolate-making and business. With an engaging opening like this, you'll pique your reader's interest and make them eager to learn more about your journey. Good luck!

6 months ago

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