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Junior National Young Leaders Conference value?

Hey guys, I'm considering attending the Junior National Young Leaders Conference and I'm wondering if it's worth it. Will attending this conference help in the college application process?

6 months ago

Attending the Junior National Young Leaders Conference can provide some benefits, such as expanding your knowledge about leadership, meeting other motivated students, and potentially boosting your confidence in your abilities. However, keep in mind that it may not have a significant impact on your college application.

Selective colleges are mainly looking for extracurricular activities that demonstrate dedication, passion, and achievements in a particular field. While leadership conferences can be beneficial, they don't necessarily show a long-term commitment or exceptional achievement. If the conference aligns with your current interests and extracurriculars, it could be a valuable addition to your profile, but it's important to focus on developing your "spike" or area of expertise.

Instead of expensive programs like this, consider investing time and effort into activities where you can make a tangible impact, develop leadership skills, and demonstrate your passion. This might include taking on more responsibilities in a club or organization you're already involved in or starting a new initiative to solve a problem in your community.

If you can manage the costs and still think the conference's networking and learning opportunities will be valuable to you personally, it can be a worthwhile experience. However, remember that participation in the conference by itself is not likely to make or break your college application. Focus on building a strong overall profile by excelling academically, pursuing your passions, and engaging in meaningful activities that will stand out to admissions officers.

6 months ago

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