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GMU essay advice?

Hey guys, I'm working on my GMU application and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to approach the essay prompts? I'm struggling to find a unique angle and would appreciate any tips or inspiration!

6 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're looking for advice on your GMU application essay. The key to a unique essay lies in finding an authentic topic that truly reflects your personality, values, and experiences. Here are a few steps to help you brainstorm a unique angle for your essay:

1. Self-Reflection: Take a moment to think about yourself, the passions that drive you, and your strengths and weaknesses. What are the major moments or events in your life that have shaped you into the person you are today? Make a list of these experiences; they can offer potential sources for inspiration.

2. Identify a theme: As you review the list of experiences, see if there is a common theme or thread that connects them. This could be perseverance, resilience, love for your community, or appreciation of diverse perspectives. You can use this theme as the central idea for your essay.

3. Show, don't tell: Remember that the goal is to make your essay engaging and memorable. Showcase your experiences through anecdotes or specific stories. Focus on a single incident or moment to make it more captivating, while also reflecting on what you learned and how you grew from this experience.

4. Be authentic: Your essay should represent your authentic voice and perspective. Avoid trying to impress the admissions committee with grand achievements or sophisticated language. Instead, focus on what makes you unique, and how your individuality can contribute to the GMU community.

5. Revise and refine: Once you have a draft, consider seeking feedback from a trusted individual, such as a teacher, counselor, or parent. Make edits, but don't lose your voice in the process. Remember to proofread for grammatical errors and ensure your essay flows smoothly.

To learn more, read this blog post: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-the-george-mason-university-essays/

Ultimately, the goal is to leave the reader with a lasting impression of who you are and your potential impact on the GMU community. By focusing on self-reflection, identifying a theme, crafting engaging anecdotes, and maintaining your authentic voice, you'll be well on your way to creating a unique essay for your GMU application. Good luck!

6 months ago

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