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Congress of Future Medical Leaders?

Hey everyone, I came across the Congress of Future Medical Leaders program, and I'm wondering if it's worth attending. Has anyone participated in this program before, and does it help in the college application process?

6 months ago

Hey! The Congress of Future Medical Leaders (CFML) is an annual event designed for high school students interested in the medical field. It brings together speakers and mentors from the field to provide insights and guidance. However, it's important to be cautious when considering whether to attend, as some people view it as a "pay-to-play" program, where its value in the college application process is limited due to the fact that it's not very selective and requires a significant fee to attend.

In terms of helping with your college application, the experience might add some context to your interest in medicine, but admissions counselors may not weigh it as heavily as other more selective or academically rigorous programs. Since it's not as prestigious as other summer programs, it won't hold as much weight on your application.

That being said, if you're genuinely interested in the medical field and think that attending the Congress will boost your knowledge, network or passion in the field, it might be worth considering. Just know that there are other more impressive extracurricular activities and programs you can participate in, including research internships, hospital volunteer work, or applying for selective summer programs like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) summer internship.

In summary, the Congress of Future Medical Leaders can be an interesting experience if you're passionate about the field, but don't rely solely on it for your college application. Consider participating in more selective, impactful, and challenging programs and activities to truly demonstrate your dedication and commitment to the medical field. Good luck!

6 months ago

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