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Random interesting topics to research for college applications?

I'm working on college applications and I want to write a memorable and engaging essay. What are some random interesting topics you guys have researched or written about that I could draw inspiration from?

6 months ago

Drawing inspiration from unique and engaging topics is an excellent way to make your college essay memorable. Since you want to stand out from the crowd, consider choosing topics that are not commonly found in college essays and that showcase your personal interests, curiosity, or experiences. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

1. The art and science of beekeeping: Explore the importance of bees in our ecosystem, the fascinating process of honey production, or the unique social structure of bee colonies.

2. The history and influence of forgotten inventors: Investigate lesser-known inventors whose creations have significantly impacted our lives, even if they haven't received widespread recognition.

3. Street art and its role in urban revitalization: Discuss the impact of street art and murals in revitalizing neighborhoods and spurring community engagement.

4. The ethics of artificial intelligence: Delve into the moral and ethical implications of advancing AI technologies and their potential impact on society.

5. Unusual hobbies and pastimes: Share your unique hobbies or interests, such as amateur astronomy, urban exploration, or competitive whistling, and describe how they've shaped your perspective or contributed to your personal growth.

6. The intersection of language, culture, and identity: Examine how language shapes our understanding of the world and influences our cultural identity.

7. Modern mythology and our connection to ancient stories: Explore the parallels between contemporary pop culture/folklore and ancient mythological narratives, and discuss their significance in understanding human nature.

8. The impact of music therapy on mental health: Discuss the therapeutic effects of music on emotional well-being or the experiences of people suffering from mental health issues.

9. Pioneering women in STEM fields: Highlight the contributions and challenges faced by overlooked women in STEM, and reflect on their influence on your own aspirations or goals.

10. The psychology of color: Investigate how colors influence human emotions, experiences, and decision-making, and discuss how this knowledge could be harnessed in various areas of life.

Remember, the key to writing an engaging essay is to focus on a topic you're genuinely passionate about. This will make your writing more authentic and enjoyable for admissions officers to read. Good luck!

6 months ago

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