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Boston College vs Marquette

I'm debating between Boston College and Marquette for Communications. I'd love to hear any opinions on their programs, internships, and overall student experiences. Any advice is appreciated!

6 months ago

I can definitely provide some insight into the differences between Boston College (BC) and Marquette University regarding their Communications programs, internship opportunities, and overall student experiences.


Boston College is well-regarded for its liberal arts education, which can strengthen your background in critical thinking and analysis skills. Their Communications major balances theory and practice, providing both academic knowledge and hands-on experience. On the other hand, Marquette University focuses more on applied communication skills, offering concentrations like Corporate Communication and Digital Media. Marquette's program is known for its hands-on opportunities such as case studies, projects, and mock interviews, which can be helpful in preparing for a future career.


Being located in a major city like Boston, BC has a range of internships available in various industries such as media, technology, and marketing. Plus, Boston is a hub for networking and job opportunities. Marquette also offers numerous internship opportunities in Milwaukee, though the city might not have the same large-scale presence as Boston. However, Marquette has strong connections with local businesses and media outlets, which helps students access potential internships and job placements.

Overall student experiences:

Boston College has a picturesque campus, a diverse community, and a strong sports culture. The overall atmosphere at BC is often described as collaborative and friendly. Students have access to the various amenities and events Boston has to offer, including cultural attractions, sports events, and a vibrant social scene.

Marquette has a strong Jesuit tradition and emphasizes personal growth, community service, and student involvement. Students often describe the campus as welcoming and supportive. Milwaukee offers a smaller, more intimate environment than Boston, with its own unique charm and cultural experiences.

In summary, both schools offer solid Communications programs with internship opportunities. While BC might provide more networking potential in a larger city environment, Marquette provides a more intimate campus setting and a curriculum focused on applied communication skills. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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