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Summer programs for seniors - what to do?

This is my last summer as a high school senior, and I want to make the most out of it. Any suggestions for summer programs or activities to participate in before I head off to college? Let me know, thanks!

6 months ago

I'm glad you're looking to have a fulfilling and meaningful summer before college! Here are some ideas for summer programs and activities for high school seniors:

1. Community Service: You could volunteer at a local organization or plan a service project in your community. This is a great way to give back and gain new experiences.

2. Research or Internship: Check out local businesses, universities, or non-profits to see if they offer internships or research opportunities. You can gain valuable experience in a field you're interested in and build connections.

3. Summer Job or Entrepreneurship: Find a summer job or start a small business. This can help you gain work experience, develop new skills, and save money for college.

4. Learn a New Skill: Pick up a new hobby or skill like coding, photography, cooking, or a new language. Check out local community centers or online resources for classes or tutorials.

5. College Prep or Bridge Programs: Some colleges and organizations offer programs for incoming freshmen to bridge the transition from high school to college. These programs can help you prepare for college life and make it easier to adjust when you arrive on campus.

6. Study Abroad: There are many summer study abroad programs designed for high school students. These can provide you with a unique opportunity to explore another culture and gain new perspectives.

7. Pre-College Programs: Many universities offer pre-college programs that allow high school students to take college-level courses and get a taste of campus life. Check with colleges you're interested in to see what options they offer.

6 months ago

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