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Thoughts on NYLF Engineering program?

Just got an invitation to attend the NYLF Engineering program and wanted to know if anyone has attended before. How was the program and your overall experience? Is it beneficial for college applications and learning more about the engineering field? Really appreciate any insights!

6 months ago

I'm glad you're considering summer opportunities to explore your interests! The National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF) Engineering program can provide valuable exposure to the field of engineering and give you a chance to network with professionals and fellow peers who share your interests. However, it's important to be aware that such programs can be expensive and do not guarantee a significant boost in your college applications.

While attending the program, you should focus on gaining an understanding of the various engineering disciplines, learning more about your own interests, and making connections with both students and professionals in the field. This experience could potentially inspire you to pursue a college degree in engineering and might even spark a new fascination within the subject.

As for college applications, the impact of the NYLF Engineering program may not be as significant as you may hope. Colleges generally prefer selective and cost-effective (free or low-cost) summer programs. It's crucial to focus on demonstrating your passion for engineering through consistent and meaningful involvement in related extracurricular activities during the school year. This could include joining or leading an engineering club, participating in robotics competitions, or even initiating community projects.

To sum up, the NYLF Engineering program can be a great way to explore your interests and gain experience in the field, but it may not dramatically impact your college applications. Consider the cost and opportunity factor when making your decision, and keep in mind that finding alternative ways to showcase your passion for engineering can be just as effective.

6 months ago

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