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unweighted GPA conversion

I have my weighted GPA, but some colleges I'm applying to want my unweighted GPA. Is there an easy way to calculate the unweighted GPA from my weighted one?

6 months ago

Converting a weighted GPA to an unweighted GPA isn't a straightforward process, as the calculation depends on the grading scale your school uses and the specific classes you've taken. However, I can guide you through the necessary steps to find your unweighted GPA.

1. Gather your transcripts: You'll need a detailed list of the courses you've taken along with the grades you've received for each course.

2. Identify which courses are weighted: On your list of courses and grades, mark the classes that received additional weight, such as AP, IB, or honors classes.

3. Remove the extra weight: For each weighted class, subtract the extra weight your school assigns (usually 0.5 or 1.0 points), and replace the weighted grade with the resulting unweighted grade.

4. Calculate your unweighted GPA: Now that you have a complete list of your unweighted course grades, add up all the grade points, and divide the total by the number of classes you've taken. This will give you your unweighted GPA.

Keep in mind that colleges might have varying grading scales when they look at your GPA. Some may convert your unweighted GPA to their own system. Nevertheless, calculating an unweighted GPA as described above should give you a good estimate to work with.

6 months ago

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