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Santa Clara University or Gonzaga for Business major?

I've been accepted to both Santa Clara University (SCU) and Gonzaga, but I'm having a tough time deciding which one to attend. I'm planning on pursuing a Business major. Can anyone provide insights on the business programs, campus life, and general vibes of both schools?

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! Both Santa Clara University (SCU) and Gonzaga are great options, but they may offer different experiences and opportunities depending on what you're looking for.

In terms of the business programs, SCU's Leavey School of Business is well-regarded and known for its strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly due to its Silicon Valley location. This can provide you with many opportunities for internships, networking, and access to industry professionals. Gonzaga's School of Business Administration is also respected, with strong programs in finance and accounting. However, its overall offerings and connections may not be as extensive as SCU's due to its location in Spokane, Washington.

When considering campus life, SCU is a medium-sized, urban campus located in the heart of Silicon Valley, which means you'll be surrounded by a fast-paced, tech-focused environment. Gonzaga, on the other hand, has a smaller, close-knit campus community with a more traditional college feel. Spokane is a mid-sized city that offers a mix of urban amenities and access to outdoor activities.

As for the general vibe, SCU tends to lean more towards a pre-professional atmosphere and is known for its diverse and driven student body. Gonzaga has a strong Jesuit identity and is known for its emphasis on community engagement and service, which can lead to a more collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

In summary, your choice may largely depend on your personal preferences and priorities. If you're looking for a strong business program with ties to the tech industry and a dynamic, urban setting, SCU might be the better choice. However, if you prefer a more traditional college experience with a campus community that values service and togetherness, Gonzaga could be the right fit.

Good luck with your decision, and I hope this information helps you make the best choice for yourself!

6 months ago

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