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Advice on writing PLME essays?

So, I'm planning to apply for the PLME program (Brown's combined BS/MD program) and I know the essays play a huge role. Any tips on how to approach these essays? What are admission officers looking for? TIA! :)

6 months ago

When writing PLME essays, there are a few key points you should keep in mind:

1. Highlight your passion for medicine: Since PLME is a combined BS/MD program, admission officers are specifically looking for students interested in a career in medicine. Show your genuine passion for medicine through personal experiences, such as volunteering at a hospital, engaging in medical research, or participating in healthcare-related extracurriculars.

2. Demonstrate your commitment to interdisciplinary learning: One of the unique aspects of Brown's curriculum is its emphasis on interdisciplinary study. Explain how you plan to leverage this open curriculum to benefit your medical education and future career. Discuss combining studies in traditional sciences with studies in the humanities, social sciences, or arts for a well-rounded perspective on patient care.

3. Emphasize your long-term goals: Explain how PLME will help you achieve your long-term goals in medicine, be it a specific specialty, a focus in research, or global health initiatives. Show that you've thought about your future in the medical profession and how the combined program will support your plans.

4. Share compelling personal anecdotes: Use personal anecdotes to illustrate your motivation for pursuing medicine, specific moments that solidified your passion, or experiences that shaped your perspective. By sharing these details in your essays, you showcase your commitment to the field and your unique journey towards becoming a physician.

5. Showcase leadership and collaboration: Highlight instances where you have demonstrated leadership, collaboration, or mentoring - whether within the medical field or related areas. These qualities are essential for healthcare professionals and will help underscore your potential to contribute positively to the medical community.

6. Tailor your essay to the Brown University PLME program: Do some research on Brown's PLME program and make sure your essays express how you align with its values and objectives. Mention certain aspects of the program that particularly excite you or opportunities you plan to take advantage of while at Brown.

For more tips on these essays, read the following blog post: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-the-brown-university-and-plme-essays/

As you write your essays, keep these points in mind to ensure that you showcase your passion, commitment, and preparedness for Brown's PLME program. Remember, admission officers are interested in students who can demonstrate not only aptitude for medicine but also an appreciation for interdisciplinary education and long-term goals in the medical profession. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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