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Take Pre-Calc or Not?

I've been wondering if I should take Pre-Calculus in my upcoming school year. I did well in Algebra II but I'm worried that Pre-Calc could be a big step up. How did you find Pre-Calculus, and do you think it will help me in the future?

6 months ago

I found Pre-Calculus to be a challenging yet rewarding course. You're right to consider the step up from Algebra II, but keep in mind that it's a natural progression in mathematics. Pre-Calculus introduces you to advanced concepts like trigonometry, logarithms, and more complex algebraic functions that build on what you've learned so far. While the pace may be faster, and you'll need to dedicate more time to understanding the material, I believe it's worth taking if you have any interest in future math courses or pursuing a STEM-related field.

Pre-Calculus does play a role in better preparing you for Calculus, which is often a requirement for many college majors, especially those in STEM. It can also show colleges that you're challenging yourself academically, and strong performance in Pre-Calculus can indicate that you're prepared to handle rigorous college-level mathematics.

If you feel hesitant about jumping into Pre-Calculus, you may want to consult with your math teacher to discuss your strengths and weaknesses in Algebra II, and whether they believe you're ready for the next level. They may also be able to recommend resources to help prepare for Pre-Calculus over the summer or during the school year.

Ultimately, whether Pre-Calculus is right for you depends on your goals, interests, and your readiness to face more advanced math concepts. If you have a base of success in Algebra II and are willing to put in the time and effort to learn, then I think you should give Pre-Calculus a try.

6 months ago

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