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USC vs BU: Which school should I pick?

Hey, I need some advice! I've been accepted to both USC and Boston University and I'm torn between the two. I want to study business and get involved with clubs on campus. Can anyone share their experiences or thoughts on either of these schools?

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances to both USC and Boston University! It's a tough choice, but I think breaking down your decision based on a few key factors might help you.

1. Academics: Both USC and BU have strong business programs. USC's Marshall School of Business is particularly renowned and has a strong alumni network. BU's Questrom School of Business is also well-regarded and offers a variety of concentrations. Consider researching the specific business programs at each school to see which one aligns better with your interests.

2. Campus life & clubs: USC has a large, active campus with a wide variety of clubs and activities to suit most interests. It has the advantage of boasting a strong school spirit, and students often bond over attending sporting events together. BU also has clubs and organizations, but campus life is a bit more decentralized due to its urban location. It might be easier to find a tight-knit community at USC, but both universities offer ample opportunities to get involved.

3. Location: This is a big one. USC is in sunny Los Angeles, while BU is in historic Boston. Think about the kind of scenery, weather, and general vibe that appeals to you. LA has a more laid-back feel, while Boston's East Coast charm and vibrant college town atmosphere may be more attractive to some students.

4. Size: USC has around 20,000 undergraduate students, while BU has about 18,000. The class size differential isn't too significant, but it's something to consider. Additionally, USC's campus feels more compact while BU's is spread out along Commonwealth Avenue.

5. Cost: Both of these universities are private and can be pricey. Compare financial aid packages offered by each institution to see if there's a significant difference in affordability for you.

6. Internships & career opportunities: Both cities offer numerous internship and job opportunities for business students. However, LA might offer more entertainment and tech-focused internships, while Boston may have a stronger finance/business focus. Consider which industries you are interested in and how the location of each university might impact your potential career path.

In the end, it really comes down to your personal preferences and priorities. If possible, try to visit both campuses—or do virtual tours—and reach out to students or alumni from the business programs to get their insights. Best of luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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