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Arkansas summer programs - any recommendations?

Hey y'all! I'm from Arkansas and I'm trying to find a fun and engaging summer program within my state to attend this year. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

6 months ago

Hey there! It's awesome that you're looking for summer programs in Arkansas to make your break exciting and potentially enhance your college application down the line. Here are a few options for you to consider:

1. Arkansas Governor's School (AGS): Held at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AGS is a free, four-week residential program for rising seniors who have demonstrated exceptional ability and leadership skills in various areas. Participants engage in academic, creative, and personal development experiences. The application, however, can be competitive, so make sure you prepare well.

2. Arkansas and the World: International Affairs Summer Camp at UCA : If you're interested in global affairs and debating, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. The AMUN Summer Program takes place at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. It involves workshops and simulations focusing on international relations, diplomacy, problem-solving, and public speaking.

3. Engineering Summer Academy (ESA) at the University of Arkansas: This one-week residential program is geared towards rising 11th and 12th-grade students who have an interest in engineering and technology. You'll get hands-on experience in various engineering disciplines through challenging projects, campus tours, and interactions with engineering professionals.

These are just a few options to get you started. Before committing to a program, make sure to research each one thoroughly and see which best aligns with your interests and goals. Also, don't forget to apply early since some of these programs may have limited spots or competitive admissions. Good luck, and I hope you have an enriching summer!

6 months ago

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