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Do any colleges still superscore?

Hey everyone! I've been researching test scores, and I'm wondering which colleges still superscore the SAT or ACT? Also, how beneficial is it to submit superscored test results during the application process?

6 months ago

Yes, many colleges still superscore the SAT and ACT. It's important to check each college's specific policy on their website, as, like everything in college admissions, things can change from year to year. Because of that variation, it's impossible to provide a comprehensive list of schools that still superscore, but Northeastern is one example.

If you have the option, submitting superscored test results can be quite beneficial during the application process because it allows you to showcase your best performance in each test section regardless of test date. In order to take full advantage of superscoring, though, you obviously still need to do well in each section at some point. So, you'll still want to study well before each try, with a focus on the areas you're looking to improve.

Finally, if you're confused about any college's superscoring policy, just reach out to their admissions office directly to ask - they're there to help! Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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