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Persuasive speech topics: Any good suggestions?

So I'm working on a persuasive speech for my English class, and I'm really struggling to come up with a good topic. Anyone have suggestions for interesting, debatable topics that won't bore the class to death?

6 months ago

It's important to choose a topic that sparks both your interest and that of your audience. Here are some suggestions that cover a range of subjects and might provoke thought-provoking discussions:

1. Mental health initiatives and funding in schools: Argue for the importance of increasing mental health support and resources for students.

2. Lowering the voting age to 16: Present the case for permitting younger individuals to participate in the electoral process, drawing on arguments such as the ideal of democracy and civic engagement.

3. Environmental conservation versus economic development: Delve into the ongoing debate about striking a balance between preserving natural resources and promoting economic growth.

4. Universal basic income (UBI): Discuss the pros and cons of implementing a UBI system to address increasing income inequality and economic insecurity.

5. The impact of social media on mental health: Explore the connections between social media usage and mental wellbeing, focusing on issues like anxiety, self-esteem, and communication skills.

6. Automation and the future of work: Analyze the role of automation in reshaping the workforce and the potential consequences for society if jobs are displaced by technology.

7. Mandatory community service for high school students: Consider whether students should be required to complete a certain number of community service hours before graduating.

8. The role of space exploration in modern society: Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of continued investment in space exploration, touching on aspects like scientific research, technological advancements, and resource allocation.

9. Animal rights and the ethics of testing: Debate the morality of using animals for various forms of experimentation, as well as the need for alternative testing methods.

10. The effects of standardized testing on education: Discuss the merits and pitfalls of standardized testing, considering factors like teacher performance, student stress, and educational equity.

Remember, whatever topic you choose, make sure to research both sides thoroughly and present a well-informed argument to engage your audience effectively. There are also lots of other great topics out there, but hopefully this initial list helps kickstart your brainstorming. Good luck!

6 months ago

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