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Parchment website - what's the deal?

My guidance counselor told me about this website called 'Parchment' for college applications. What exactly is it used for, and how do I navigate it? Should I be using it for my college applications?

6 months ago

Parchment is a platform primarily used for requesting, storing, and sending official academic documents, such as high school transcripts and test scores, electronically. It is often utilized during the college application process for sending your transcripts directly to the colleges you're applying to. Many high schools partner with Parchment for transcript services, which simplifies the process of getting your transcripts to colleges in a secure and timely manner.

To navigate Parchment, you'll begin by creating an account on their website. After verifying your account through email, log in and complete your profile with your basic information and education history. Next, you can request your transcripts from your high school. You may need to provide your high school's information, and Parchment will guide you through the process of connecting with your school. It is essential to verify that your transcripts are accurate before sending them to colleges.

When you're ready to send your transcripts to colleges, use the "Order" option on the Parchment dashboard. Select the academic institution you'd like to send your transcripts to, enter the necessary details, and proceed through the ordering process. Keep in mind that there may be associated fees for sending your transcripts, so have a payment method ready. You can track your order status within your Parchment account to ensure that colleges receive your documents on time.

Although Parchment is helpful for the transcript aspect of college applications, it is not a comprehensive platform for the entire application process. You'll still need to use platforms like the Common Application, Coalition Application, or individual colleges' application systems to submit your actual college applications. Be sure to double-check each college's specific application requirements, as they might utilize various methods for receiving your transcripts and other academic documents.

6 months ago

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