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Penn vs Colgate: Which one should I choose?

Hi everyone! I recently got accepted to both Penn and Colgate, but I'm having trouble deciding which one is better for me. Can you share your thoughts on the academics, social life, and overall experience at these schools? Any advice would be appreciated!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances to both Penn and Colgate! It's a great achievement to be admitted to these prestigious schools. To help you decide, here are some key differences in academics, social life, and overall experience at Penn and Colgate:


- Penn: Penn is a highly-ranked university known for its strong programs in business, nursing, and engineering, among others. As part of the Ivy League, it offers extensive research opportunities and has excellent connections for internships and job placements. Courses can be very challenging, but there's also plenty of support through academic advising, tutoring, and resources on campus.

- Colgate: Colgate is reputed for its strong liberal arts curriculum. Smaller class sizes and more faculty interaction are key features of a Colgate education. The Core Curriculum fosters critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning skills in each and every student, and they have excellent programs in a wide range of fields.

Social Life:

- Penn: Penn has a very active social scene with numerous clubs, events, and social options. Greek life is quite popular on campus, which could be a positive or negative depending on your preferences. Philadelphia, as a larger city, also offers diverse cultural and entertainment options for those who want to get off campus.

- Colgate: The social life at Colgate can be described as more close-knit and community-focused due to a smaller student body and more remote location. Greek life also plays a role at Colgate, but students generally find it less intense than at Penn. The college's rural setting may lead to fewer off-campus activities but can lead to stronger bonds among students, especially those who share a passion for outdoor activities.

Overall Experience:

- Penn: Students at Penn are often ambitious, career-oriented, and competitive. The campus has a distinct urban feel being located in the heart of Philadelphia. Resources like the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Wharton School, and strong ties to industries make Penn an ideal choice for those pursuing certain career paths.

- Colgate: A more intimate, residential campus experience with a liberal arts focus is what Colgate offers. Students here typically form strong bonds with faculty and classmates due to the smaller class sizes. With its picturesque rural backdrop, Colgate provides a serene atmosphere for personal growth and exploration.

Ultimately, the choice between Penn and Colgate boils down to personal preference and priorities. Consider the size of the school, location, academic programs, research opportunities, social atmosphere, and campus culture when making your decision. Additionally, think about where you envision yourself thriving based on your academic and extracurricular interests. Visiting the campuses, if possible, would also be helpful to get a feel for each school's atmosphere.

While these schools are quite different, they're both excellent options, so you're lucky to be in position to make this choice! Good luck!

6 months ago

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