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Northwestern Middle 50 SAT Scores?

Hey everyone! I'm planning on applying to Northwestern, and I'm curious about their middle 50 SAT score range. What's the general range you should aim for to be competitive in the admissions process? Any help would be appreciated!

6 months ago

Hello! Northwestern University is a highly competitive school, and having a strong SAT score is certainly one aspect that can help your application stand out. For the most recent admitted class, the middle 50% SAT score range was between 1460 and 1540. This means that 25% of admitted students scored below 1450, and another 25% scored above 1550.

Of course, while having an SAT score in this range can be beneficial, it's important to remember that Northwestern, like many other top-tier institutions, takes a holistic approach to admissions. This means that in addition to test scores, they'll also consider factors such as your grades, coursework rigor, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation.

While aiming for a score within or above the middle 50% range can make you more competitive, it's crucial to focus on other aspects of your application as well to showcase your unique strengths and talents. Good luck with your application!

6 months ago

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