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WashU music supplement audition?

I'm a junior and I want to apply to WashU this coming fall. I play the flute and I would really love to submit a music supplement as part of my application. Could anyone who has gone through the process give me an idea of what's expected in the audition recordings? Should I choose a particular piece? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're considering submitting a music supplement to WashU. When it comes to the audition recordings, colleges like WashU usually look for two contrasting pieces or movements that showcase your technical ability and musicianship. As a flute player, you'll want to choose works that highlight your strengths, musicality, and expressiveness.

For your first piece, you might want to perform a fast-paced, virtuosic work that demonstrates your technical skills, such as a movement from a concerto or a sonata. For your second piece, consider a slower, more lyrical work that allows you to show off your musical phrasing and tone quality. This could be a slower movement from a sonata or a standalone piece known for its expressive qualities.

When recording your audition, make sure to use good quality audio equipment and record in a space with minimal background noise. Ensure that the recording captures your instrument well and is free of distortion. Dress professionally and pay attention to your stage presence, as this will also be part of the evaluation.

Before submitting, listen to your recording several times and ask for feedback from your private teacher or band director, if possible. Keep in mind that WashU's music faculty will be reviewing your submission, so it's essential to submit your best work. Good luck, and I hope this helps you prepare for your music supplement audition!

6 months ago

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