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Typical good SAT writing score?

Hi all! I'm working on improving my SAT scores and I was wondering, what is considered a solid SAT writing score? Are there any specific percentiles or ranges I should be aiming for?

6 months ago

Hello! A solid SAT Writing and Language score really depends on the colleges you're aiming for, as different schools have different score expectations. However, to give you a general idea, aiming for a score in the 700s is a safe bet for being above average and considered competitive at most colleges.

To break it down further, the average SAT Writing and Language score tends to hover around 530-540. If you're aiming higher, a score of 600 or above would place you in roughly the top 25% of test-takers, while achieving a score of 700 or above puts you in the top 10%.

Of course, it is essential to consider the colleges you are targeting and look up their middle 50% SAT score ranges for a more accurate guideline. For more selective schools, aiming for the 700s would be advisable, as their middle 50% ranges tend to be more competitive.

Ultimately, do your best to improve your SAT Writing and Language score but also remember that many colleges take a holistic approach to admissions. While your test scores play a role in the process, your extracurricular involvement, essays, and letters of recommendation are equally important. Good luck on your SAT prep!

6 months ago

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