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Help with RD college decisions

Can anyone explain what RD (regular decision) means in the college application process? I'm a junior and still trying to understand all these acronyms. Also, how does it differ from rolling admissions and how should I plan my college application timeline accordingly?

6 months ago

Regular Decision (RD) is a traditional application process in which students submit their applications by a specific deadline, typically around January 1st or 15th. Colleges then review all submitted applications and notify students with their admissions decisions by a specific date, usually between late March and early April. The admitted students have until the universal decision day, May 1st, to accept or decline the college's offer.

Rolling admissions, on the other hand, is a more flexible process in which colleges review applications as they come in until they have filled all the available spots in their incoming class. There is usually a range of dates by which students can submit their applications, rather than a strict deadline. Students are generally notified of their admissions decisions within a few weeks after submitting their applications.

For planning your college application timeline, it's essential to consider your priorities and the various application processes offered by the colleges you're interested in – such as Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, and Rolling Admissions.

If you decide to apply under Regular Decision, you should start working on your applications well before the deadlines, ideally during the summer or early fall of your senior year. This allows you enough time to gather all the necessary materials (transcripts, recommendations, etc.) and work on your essays.

For Rolling Admissions, you have the advantage of a more flexible timeline, but submitting your application early is still crucial. The earlier you apply, the more spots will be available, and you might have a slightly higher chance of being admitted.

In summary, Regular Decision comprises a specific deadline and notification date, while Rolling Admissions allows for more flexibility in the timeline. Regardless of which option you choose, it's essential to be aware of the deadlines, plan your application process accordingly, and ensure your application materials are complete and well-prepared to increase your chances of getting accepted.

6 months ago

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