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Are there colleges without general education requirements?

Heyyy, I'm not a big fan of taking general education classes, and I waswondering if there are any colleges out there that don't have mandatory general ed classes for students? Any suggestions are helpful, thanksss! :)

6 months ago

Hello! Yes, there are colleges that have unconventional or flexible approaches to general education requirements. These colleges typically emphasize individualized learning and allow students to shape their own curriculum according to their interests and goals. Some of these schools include:

1. Brown University - Brown has an "Open Curriculum" which means you don't have any required general education classes. Students still need to fulfill concentration requirements (a major), but they have complete freedom to explore various academic disciplines outside this framework.

2. Amherst College - At Amherst, you'll have an "Open Curriculum" as well. Though there are no specific distribution requirements, Amherst does expect students to engage with a broad range of disciplines and encourages exploration of diverse coursework.

3. Hamilton College - Similar to the other two mentioned, students at Hamilton follow an "Open Curriculum." While there are no official general education requirements, there's an emphasis on writing and oral communication skills throughout your college experience.

4. Evergreen State College - Evergreen State College is known for its unorthodox academic structure. Instead of traditional grades, students receive narrative evaluations from their professors. Their interdisciplinary programs allow you to customize your learning experience, and there are no formal general education requirements.

5. Hampshire College - Hampshire College has a unique, student-driven curriculum. Students develop individualized learning plans in collaboration with faculty mentors, focusing on their passions and goals. There are no set general education classes.

6. Sarah Lawrence College - Here, you'll design your unique curriculum with support from faculty. There are no distribution requirements and you'll be free to explore interdisciplinary options.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but these are some schools where you can expect more freedom and flexibility in terms of your coursework. You can find a longer list of schools that might have the academic environment you're looking for on CollegeVine's blog: https://blog.collegevine.com/open-curriculum-schools-11-colleges-that-allow-students-to-direct-their-own-learning.

Remember, always make sure to research each college thoroughly to ensure it aligns with your personal preferences as well as your academic ones. Good luck! :)

6 months ago

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