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Marquette vs Notre Dame for Pre-Law

Hey guys, I just got accepted to both Marquette University and Notre Dame, and I plan on going the pre-law route. Can you help me compare their pre-law programs, internship and networking opportunities? Also, I'd love to hear about the overall campus experience at both universities. Thanks for your help!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances to both Marquette University and Notre Dame! Both are great options for pre-law students, but they do have some distinct differences in terms of academics, internships, networking opportunities, and campus life.

Regarding academics, Marquette has a Pre-Law Scholars Program that allows students to potentially enter Marquette's law school upon graduation without taking the LSAT. Do be aware that this program requires a separate application and is highly competitive. Furthermore, Marquette is known for its strong emphasis on service, which is a great asset if you are interested in public interest law. Notre Dame, on the other hand, is generally viewed as a more prestigious institution, and overall has stronger academic offerings. Their pre-law program is also excellent and has a solid pipeline to their law school, which is well-regarded.

In terms of internships and networking, both universities have well-developed career services departments that can help you secure internships. Notre Dame has a larger alumni network, though. Its influential alumni in law (Amy Coney Barrett, a current Supreme Court justice, was a professor at Notre Dame law school before being nominated to the court) and other fields can help you network and find opportunities both during and after undergrad. Marquette, being located in Milwaukee, provides access to internships within the city and surrounding area, which could be especially advantageous if you're planning on living near there after graduation.

Regarding campus experience, the environments also differ. Marquette is an urban campus in Milwaukee with more opportunities for cultural engagement, and it tends to have a more diverse student body. Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana, which is a smaller city. Its campus is known for its stunning architecture and traditional collegiate environment, though, so you won't be bored - football games especially are a big draw. Notre Dame has a strong sense of community, in part due to its sizable Catholic population, but it also welcomes students from different backgrounds.

It's important to visit both campuses if you can and speak with current pre-law students to get a feel for which university aligns better with your personal preferences. Ultimately, your success in pursuing a legal career will depend on your own efforts in academics, internships, and networking, as both Marquette and Notre Dame offer unique opportunities to help you achieve your goals!

6 months ago

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