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Providence supplemental essay

Hi peeps! I'm working on my application for Providence College and feeling a little stuck on the supplemental essay. Any tips on how to approach them or make them stand out? What is the college actually looking for in our responses?

6 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're working on your Providence College application. When it comes to supplemental essays, it's important to showcase your genuine interest in the school and how you'd be a good fit for the community. Here are some tips to help you stand out and make an impression:

1. Answer the prompt: Make sure you're addressing the specific question(s) asked in the essay prompt. Don't go off on irrelevant tangents or try to reuse essays from other applications that don't fit the questions.

2. Do your research: Learn about Providence College's mission, values, and academic programs. Integrating school-specific details in your essays, if appropriate for the prompt (for example, Providence often has a "Why Providence?" prompt) will demonstrate your interest in and knowledge of the college. For example, you could discuss how a specific program or course aligns with your academic goals and why you're excited about it.

3. Share personal experiences: Use anecdotes and personal stories to illustrate your points. By doing so, you'll make your writing more engaging, as the admissions committee will get a more concrete sense of your character and the experiences that have shaped you.

4. Be authentic: Being genuine, honest, and sincere in your essays is key. Write about what truly matters to you and avoid trying to guess what the admissions officers want to hear. They're looking for students who will bring a unique perspective and make a meaningful contribution to their community.

5. Show your passion and drive: Highlight the activities, courses, or experiences that have been important to you. Showcasing your dedication to learning and growth helps demonstrate that you'll be an engaged and motivated student at Providence.

6. Be focused and concise: While it's essential to provide sufficient context and personal insight, make sure your essays are well-structured and organized. Avoid rambling or going into unnecessary detail, and focus on the most significant points you want to convey.

7. Edit and proofread: Lastly, ensure your essays are polished and free of any spelling or grammatical errors. You want them to reflect your attention to detail and commitment to submitting your best work. If you want help finalizing your essays, consider taking advantage of CollegeVine's Free Peer Essay Review Tool, or submitting your essay for a paid review by an expert college admissions advisor through CollegeVine's marketplace - either of these resources can help you catch typos you might have missed after staring at your essay for so long, and provide you with some overall feedback on how well your approach is working.

In summary, Providence College is looking for thoughtful, authentic responses that reveal your fit for the school and your potential to contribute to the community. Focus on being genuine, sharing your specific experiences and passions, and addressing the prompts clearly and concisely. Best of luck on your application!

6 months ago

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