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Towson University vs University of Maryland: Which one to choose?

Hi everyone! I've been accepted to Towson University and the University of Maryland, and I'm really torn between the two. I'd love to hear some personal experiences or opinions to help me make a choice. Can you guys tell me more about the academics, campus life, and social scene at each school? Thanks!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! Both Towson University and the University of Maryland are great schools with their own unique qualities. Here's a breakdown of some key differences between the two to help inform your decision:


- Towson University: Towson has a solid reputation for its education, nursing, and business programs. It's a bit smaller, offering a better student-to-faculty ratio which can lead to more personalized attention from professors and a closer-knit academic community.

- University of Maryland: UMD is a larger research institution, known for its strong engineering, computer science, and business programs. It offers a wider range of majors and opportunities for research, internships, and collaboration.

Campus Life:

- Towson University: Located in the suburbs of Baltimore, the Towson campus provides a more peaceful and intimate environment than UMD. The campus is well-maintained and has modern facilities. Students have an easier time feeling connected to one another, although the surrounding area has fewer options for entertainment compared to College Park.

- University of Maryland: UMD, located in College Park, is a larger campus with more diverse facilities, including state-of-the-art research labs and recreational centers. The area offers a more urban experience with numerous dining, shopping, and entertainment options within walking distance.

Social Scene:

- Towson University: With a smaller student body, the social scene at Towson can be quite close-knit and tight. There are over 200 clubs and organizations on campus, providing ample opportunity to get involved and make friends. Towson has a moderately active Greek life, and you'll find a mix of large and small social events.

- University of Maryland: UMD has a much larger student body, creating a more bustling social atmosphere. The social scene is diverse, with students from various backgrounds and over 800 clubs and organizations. Greek life is active and visible on campus, but not overwhelming. There are also numerous sports events and larger-scale activities, which can make for a more lively social experience.

In the end, your choice will likely come down to personal preferences. If you prefer a smaller school with more personalized attention and a closer-knit community, Towson might be a better fit. If you're looking for a larger, research-oriented university with a more diverse social scene, consider UMD. Ideally, visiting both campuses (in-person or virtually) and speaking with current students will give you the best sense of which school is right for you. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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