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UVM supplemental essays - looking for examples

Hey there! I'm applying to UVM and I need to write their supplemental essays. I'm having a hard time finding good examples or tips online. Does anyone have examples or advice for these essays? It'd be amazing if y'all could help me out!

6 months ago

Hey! I'm glad you're seeking help with your UVM supplemental essays. While I can't provide specific examples, I can offer some advice on how to approach them. Here are some general tips:

1. Start with a brainstorming session: Jot down ideas, anecdotes or experiences that might be relevant to the prompts. Don't worry about perfect sentences or structure at this stage - just get your ideas on paper.

2. Be personal: Remember that UVM wants to get to know you better through these essays. Try to choose anecdotes or experiences that demonstrate your character, values, and passions. Make sure your voice and personality shine through in your writing.

3. Stay focused and concise: Since these essays are usually short (around 500 words or less), you need to make every word count. Avoid any unnecessary details or tangents that don't directly answer the prompt.

4. Balance storytelling and reflection: In a great essay, you'll include both an engaging story and a thoughtful analysis of its significance. Make sure you're not only recounting an event or achievement but also reflecting on what it taught you or how it changed you.

5. Revise and refine: After writing your initial drafts, take some time away from them and then revisit them with a fresh mind. Look for any areas where you can tighten your language, clarify your ideas, or deepen your insights. Don't be afraid to make substantial changes if necessary.

6. Get feedback: Share your essays with a trusted teacher, counselor, or friend who can offer constructive feedback. Be open to their suggestions and remember that the goal is to create the strongest essays possible.

Regarding UVM-specific tips, make sure to research the school and its programs thoroughly. This can help you tailor your essays to highlight aspects of your life and experiences that align well with UVM's culture, academic offerings, and campus community. Demonstrating a genuine interest in the school and a good fit for its environment will make your essays more compelling.

Lastly, keep in mind that no two successful essays will look the same. Don't try to imitate someone else's approach - your unique experiences and perspective will make your essays stand out more than any formulaic response. Good luck, and I hope this advice helps you with your UVM supplemental essays!

6 months ago

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