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Using college net price calculators, specifically WKU's?

Does anyone have experience using the net price calculator on Western Kentucky University's website? How accurate is it in regards to the final cost of attendance? Any advice or feedback would be great!

6 months ago

I've used net price calculators, including WKU's, in the past and can give you some insight on their accuracy. These calculators typically generate a rough estimate of your out-of-pocket costs after factoring in financial aid, whether it's in the form of grants, scholarships, or loans. It's important to remember that the accuracy of the calculated cost depends on the accuracy of the information you provide about your family's financial situation (income, assets, etc.).

Generally, net price calculators are quite helpful to get a ballpark figure of what you might pay but may not reflect all the specific nuances of your individual financial situation. WKU's net price calculator in particular follows this trend. Securing additional scholarships or encountering changes in personal financial circumstances can affect the final cost of attendance.

My suggestion would be to use the net price calculator to gain an understanding of potential costs, but remember that it might not be 100% accurate. If you're able to visit WKU or speak with their financial aid office, you may gain a better understanding of their specific financial aid policies and perhaps even identify additional financial aid opportunities that might change the final cost. Good luck!

6 months ago

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