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UMich LSA First Year vs Residential College: What's the Difference?

Hi there! I'll be attending UMich in the Fall, and I'm curious about the differences between the LSA First Year and the Residential College programs. Can someone fill me in on what sets them apart and any pros and cons for each option? Thanks a lot!

6 months ago

Hello! Congratulations on your acceptance to UMich! It's great that you're considering your options between the LSA First Year and the Residential College programs. These two options have some key differences that can impact your college experience, so here is a brief overview:

UMich LSA First Year:

- General first-year experience for most UMich students

- Students take general education classes and begin to explore their major

- Wide variety of courses and the freedom to structure your schedule

- Larger class sizes and lectures, although some smaller discussion sections may be available

- Opportunities for extracurricular activities and participation in campus life

Residential College:

- A smaller, more intimate living-learning community within UMich's LSA

- Around 900 students, offering a tight-knit community with close student-faculty connections

- An interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum, with emphasis on writing and language proficiency

- Smaller class sizes and seminars, promoting active class discussions and personalized feedback

- Requires living in East Quadrangle residence hall with fellow RC students

Pros of LSA First Year:

- Flexibility to choose a wide range of courses across various disciplines

- Potential for more interaction with the broader UMich student body

- Opportunity to explore potential majors before committing to a specific track

Cons of LSA First Year:

- Less personal interaction with faculty members due to larger class sizes

- Potentially overwhelming campus size and resources

Pros of Residential College:

- Close connections with faculty and a supportive learning community

- Focus on developing strong writing, language, and interdisciplinary skills

- Combines academic experience with residential living, enriching campus life

Cons of Residential College:

- Less flexibility in course selection compared to LSA First Year

- Requirement to live in East Quadrangle, which may not appeal to all students

Ultimately, the choice between LSA First Year and the Residential College depends on your personal preferences and educational goals. If you value a larger, more diverse campus experience with more flexibility in course selection, LSA First Year may be the better choice for you. However, if you're drawn to a smaller, more intimate academic setting with an emphasis on writing and close connections with faculty members, the Residential College could be a more suitable option. Regardless of which you choose, UMich provides an excellent education and a multitude of opportunities for growth. Best of luck as you embark on your college journey!

6 months ago

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