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Red exclamation point on Common App

Hey, I noticed a red exclamation point showing up next to one of my sections in the Common App. What does this mean, and how can I fix it? Is it something I should be concerned about?

6 months ago

The red exclamation point on the Common App typically indicates that you have not yet completed a required field or section of your application. A red exclamation point may appear next to any section that still has mandatory information missing. There's no need to panic – it's there to help guide you through the application process and to ensure you fill out all necessary details.

To resolve the issue and remove the red exclamation point, carefully go through the corresponding section and look for any blank fields marked with an asterisk, as these fields are required. Be sure to double-check any text boxes, dropdown menus, and checkboxes to ensure all necessary information is filled out correctly.

Once you complete the required fields and save your progress, the red exclamation point should disappear, indicating that the section is complete. As you work on your application, continue to check for any red exclamation points to make sure you've addressed all required sections before submitting. Remember, it's essential to review your application thoroughly to avoid any potential issues or delays in the process. Good luck with your application!

6 months ago

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