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FIT vs Parsons: Which is better for fashion design?

Hi everyone! I can't decide between FIT and Parsons for studying fashion design. Can anyone help me compare the two in terms of curriculum, internship opportunities, networking, and overall reputation in the industry? Thank you in advance for all the advice!

6 months ago

Hello! Choosing between FIT and Parsons for fashion design can be difficult, as both schools are well-regarded in the industry. I'll break down a comparison of the two in terms of curriculum, internship opportunities, networking, and overall reputation to help you make a decision.


At FIT, the fashion design program emphasizes hands-on application and practical skill development, such as pattern making, sewing, and draping. The curriculum is more industry-focused, with courses on the business side of fashion in addition to design. Parsons, on the other hand, offers a more experimental and artistic approach to fashion design. The curriculum at Parsons encourages students to push boundaries in their designs while focusing on sustainability and social innovation.

Internship Opportunities:

Both schools have strong connections to the fashion industry, which can lead to internship opportunities for students. FIT has its Career and Internship Center, which provides resources and assistance in finding internships for students. Parsons, being part of The New School, also has extensive resources for students to find internships at prominent fashion houses and companies. Given their locations in New York City, students at both schools will have access to numerous opportunities in the fashion world.


Networking is vital in the fashion industry, and both FIT and Parsons excel in this aspect. FIT's alumni network includes prominent designers like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, who often return to campus for events and speaking engagements. Parsons boasts alumni like Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang, who also maintain strong ties to the school. Both schools host annual fashion shows, attracting industry professionals and offering networking opportunities for students.

Overall Reputation:

Both FIT and Parsons have excellent reputations in the fashion design industry. FIT is often praised for its practical approach and strong industry connections, while Parsons is known for fostering creativity and producing avant-garde designers. Ultimately, the choice between the two might come down to personal preferences, whether you want a more hands-on, practical approach to fashion design (FIT) or an experimental, conceptual education (Parsons).

To summarize, both FIT and Parsons have their strengths in different areas. It's crucial to reflect on which school aligns better with your goals, learning style, and preference for curriculum structure. It may also help to visit both campuses, speak with current students and faculty members, and check out student work before making a decision. Good luck in your college search!

6 months ago

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