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Villanova vs. William and Mary for business?

I'm a high school junior looking to major in business. I've narrowed down my choices to Villanova and William and Mary. Could anyone who's familiar with these schools help me understand the pros and cons of their business programs and what sets each school apart?

6 months ago

I'd be happy to help you compare the business programs at Villanova and William and Mary.



1. Villanova School of Business (VSB) is known for its strong reputation and high rankings among undergraduate business programs.

2. VSB has a solid alumni network, which can be helpful when seeking internships, mentorship, and job opportunities.

3. Villanova emphasizes practical learning experiences, including internships, and has a dedicated career center for business students.

4. The campus has a tight-knit community feel, and the university has a strong focus on community service.


1. While Villanova is well-regarded, it may not have the same level of name recognition as some other top business schools.

2. Villanova's suburban location can make it harder to access internships, networking events, or job opportunities compared to a more urban location.

William and Mary:


1. The Raymond A. Mason School of Business has an innovative and well-rounded curriculum that focuses on business analytics, communication, and other essential skills for the modern workplace.

2. William and Mary is known for its strong overall academic reputation, which can be beneficial when seeking job opportunities outside of business.

3. The school's location in Williamsburg provides students with access to multiple internship and networking opportunities due to its proximity to government and private sector organizations.

4. The college has small class sizes, which can result in more personalized attention from faculty members.


1. The business program at William and Mary may not be as highly ranked or well-known as Villanova's.

2. William and Mary's focus on liberal arts might lead to a less specialized business education compared to some other schools.

Overall, both Villanova and William and Mary offer strong business programs, but their unique offerings might be better suited to different types of students. Villanova's dedicated business school and practical learning approach might be more appealing if you're focused on immediately entering the workforce, while William and Mary's well-rounded and analytical approach might be better suited for students who wish to pursue diverse opportunities within or outside the business field. Consider factors such as location, campus environment, and your specific career goals when making your decision. Don't forget to visit both campuses and talk to current students if possible, as these experiences can help you get a feel for which school is the best fit for you.

6 months ago

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