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George Mason vs Old Dominion

Hey guys, I'm currently considering both George Mason University and Old Dominion University. Can someone provide me with some feedback about the differences in academics, campus environment, and support/resources for students?

6 months ago

Response: Hey there! Both George Mason University (GMU) and Old Dominion University (ODU) are great institutions in Virginia, but they do have some differences that might help you make your decision.


George Mason is known for its strong programs in business, economics, and political science, as the campus is close to Washington, D.C. This location offers numerous internship and networking opportunities. ODU, on the other hand, has strong programs in engineering, education, and health sciences. If you already have a specific major or career path in mind, consider which school has a stronger program in that area.

Campus Environment:

GMU is in Fairfax, a suburban area close to D.C., offering a busy and metropolitan vibe. The campus itself is attractive and modern, with green spaces and updated facilities. ODU is located in Norfolk, which is more coastal and has a relaxed atmosphere. The campus is near the beach and has a traditional layout. Your choice here depends on whether you prefer an urban or coastal environment.

Support/Resources for Students:

Both schools offer a range of resources and support services such as tutoring, career centers, and mental health counseling. George Mason may have an edge in terms of research opportunities and connections to government and private sector organizations, thanks to its location. Meanwhile, ODU is known for its commitment to veteran and military-affiliated student support and has partnerships with regional businesses and industries. If you're looking for internships and job prospects, consider the locations and connections of each school to your desired industry.

In summary, both GMU and ODU offer different strengths, and your choice will depend on your academic interests and preferred campus environment. I recommend visiting both campuses, if possible, talking with current students, and researching their respective programs to gain more insight into what each school has to offer. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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