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Sororities at Alabama: Differences between Old Row and New Row?

Hi! I might be attending the University of Alabama and I'm curious about the Greek life there. What are the differences between Old Row and New Row sororities? How do they compare in terms of social events, reputation, and standards? I'd love to hear from current students or alumni. Thanks!

6 months ago

Hello! I'm not a current student or alumni, but I have some knowledge about the Greek life at the University of Alabama. There are definitely some differences between the Old Row and New Row sororities you should be aware of.

Old Row sororities tend to have longer histories at the University of Alabama, and they usually have larger, more-established houses on campus. They are sometimes perceived as having more prestigious reputations and connections. In terms of social events, Old Row sororities often have more high-profile events and parties, and they might have more stringent dress codes for certain events.

New Row sororities, on the other hand, tend to be newer organizations on campus and may not have the same level of history and tradition. Their houses may be smaller and newer, but this can also mean they have more modern amenities. These sororities may be perceived as more diverse and inclusive in terms of membership, and their standards for joining may be slightly more flexible. Social events for New Row sororities may not be as high-profile as those of Old Row, but they still have an active social scene and plenty of events throughout the year.

Both Old Row and New Row sororities have unique qualities and experiences to offer; it just depends on what you're looking for in your Greek life experience. When choosing a sorority, consider which factors are most important to you: traditions and connections, or potentially more diversity and inclusiveness. Keep in mind that your personal experience in a sorority will depend on the specific chapter and the connections you make with its members.

I suggest attending the University of Alabama's Panhellenic recruitment events to meet members from both Old Row and New Row sororities to get a better understanding of which might fit your interests and personality better. Best of luck!

6 months ago

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