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UT Dallas vs UT Arlington: Help me choose?

I've been accepted to both UT Dallas and UT Arlington and I'm really struggling to decide between the two. Can someone please compare their academics, campus environments, and any other factors that might help sway my decision? Much appreciated!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! Both UT Dallas and UT Arlington have their strong points and differences, so let me break down some key aspects for you.


UT Dallas is well-known for its engineering, computer science, and business programs. The university consistently ranks highly for these majors and has a solid reputation for its research opportunities. On the other hand, UT Arlington has strong nursing, architecture, and engineering programs. Although UT Dallas is generally considered to have a stronger overall academic reputation, you should carefully examine the specific program you're interested in before deciding.

Campus Environment:

UT Dallas has a suburban setting in Richardson, with a more modern campus emphasizing technology. Students here appreciate the diverse community. The campus is also relatively close to downtown Dallas, which means there are plenty of job and entertainment opportunities. UT Arlington, located in Arlington, has a more traditional campus feel with sprawling green spaces. It's located in the DFW Metroplex between Dallas and Fort Worth, providing easy access to internships, jobs, and other cultural experiences. Some students have mentioned UT Arlington has a more lively campus atmosphere.

Extracurriculars and Social Life:

UT Dallas tends to lean more toward the academic side and has a reputation for being a bit quieter socially. However, there are still plenty of activities and clubs to get involved with, and the campus hosts various events throughout the year. UT Arlington, on the other hand, is known to have a stronger social scene, along with a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and intramural sports. If being involved in campus activities and social events holds significant importance for you, you might find UT Arlington a better fit.

Housing and Facilities:

Both universities offer on-campus housing and dining options. Many students at UT Dallas consider the housing options to be new and well-maintained, while UT Arlington's housing facilities are also quite good, but vary depending on the residence hall. It's worth researching the housing options at both schools to see which suits you more.

Cost and Financial Aid:

Lastly, cost is an essential factor to consider. Compare the financial aid packages and scholarships you’ve received from both universities and decide which one offers the best value for you.

6 months ago

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