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PSU vs Duke: Which university has better pre-med resources?

I'm planning on pursuing a pre-med track in college and have narrowed down my choices to Penn State University and Duke. Can anyone weigh in on the pre-med resources and support at each school? I'm interested in research, advising, and overall reputation for pre-med students. Thanks!

6 months ago

Both Penn State University (PSU) and Duke have strong pre-med programs with valuable resources and support for students. However, there are some distinctions between the two that you might want to consider to get a sense of which is truly the best fit for you.

Research Opportunities: Duke has an edge in research opportunities, as it is a top-ranked research university with access to the renowned Duke University Health System. You will find numerous research opportunities in various fields of medical sciences, and it's easier to obtain such opportunities as an undergraduate compared to PSU, as Duke is a smaller school and has fewer graduate students.

Advising and Support: Both schools provide comprehensive advising and support for pre-med students through dedicated pre-health advising offices. Duke's Office of Health Professions Advising has a more personalized approach, though, with advisors who can help you plan your course schedule, gain relevant experiences, and guide you through the med school application process. PSU also offers quality advising services, but Duke's reputation and resources might translate to more individualized attention.

Overall pre-med reputation: Duke is widely recognized for its strong pre-med program and has a higher overall national ranking. Many pre-med students at Duke have strong medical school placements with a higher acceptance rate to various medical schools than PSU's pre-med students. Additionally, attending a prestigious university like Duke can provide you with valuable networking opportunities and connections in the medical field, which might benefit you even long after you graduate.

In summary, both Penn State University and Duke have robust pre-med resources, but Duke may provide stronger research opportunities, a more personalized advising approach, and a better overall pre-med reputation. However, you should visit both campuses, talk to current pre-med students, and assess which environment best suits your needs and preferences before deciding, as there may be unquantifiable aspects of Penn State's pre-med program that make it a better fit for you personally.

Good luck with your decision-making process!

6 months ago

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