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Drexel or Temple University?

Hey guys, I'm having a hard time choosing between Drexel and Temple University for my college applications. Can someone who knows these schools help me out with pros and cons for each in terms of academics and social life? Thank you!

6 months ago

Sure, I can help you out with some pros and cons for both Drexel and Temple University in terms of academics and social life.

Drexel University:


1. Co-op program: Drexel's co-op program allows students to gain real-world work experience while still in college, which can be valuable for your resume and future job prospects.

2. Academics: Drexel has strong programs in engineering, business, and the health sciences, among others.

3. Close-knit community: Drexel's smaller size can lead to more personalized attention from faculty and a strong sense of community.


1. Cost: Drexel can be more expensive than Temple, although they do offer financial aid and scholarships.

2. Quarter system: Drexel operates on a quarter system, which may be intense for some students who are used to semesters, creating a faster-paced academic environment.

3. Social life: Some students may find Drexel's social scene to be less vibrant due to its smaller size and location, compared to Temple.

Temple University:


1. Diversity: Temple has a diverse and large student body, which can lead to a broader range of experiences and perspectives.

2. Athletics: Temple has strong athletic programs and a more robust sports culture, which can influence school spirit and social life.

3. Academics: Temple is known for its strong programs in business, communications, and fine arts, among others.

4. Location: Temple's main campus is in the heart of Philadelphia, providing many opportunities for off-campus activities and cultural experiences.


1. Larger Size: With a larger student population, it may be harder to form close relationships with professors and find a close community.

2. Safety: Temple's urban location may come with concerns for some students in terms of safety, although the campus has campus police and safety measures in place.

In the end, your choice will depend on what feels right for you. Consider factors such as the specific academic programs you're interested in, the campus culture and environment, and the financial implications of attending each university. Good luck!

6 months ago

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