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How does yield protection work?

Hey everyone, I've heard people talking about yield protection on here, and I'm a little confused. Can someone please explain what yield protection is and which colleges are known for practicing it? Thanks!

6 months ago

Yield protection is a phenomenon in college admissions where some colleges may waitlist or reject overqualified applicants out of concern that these students will likely choose to attend a more prestigious school if accepted. Yield protection aims to ensure a higher percentage of accepted students actually enroll, a statistic known as the yield rate. This rate is important because it can affect a college's ranking and perceived desirability.

While it's unfortunate that yield protection exists, there are ways for applicants to demonstrate genuine interest in a college, which can help alleviate potential concerns about an overqualified candidate. Engaging with the school by visiting (if possible), attending virtual events, contacting admissions officers, and writing a personalized and genuine "Why X School?" essay are all valid ways to show your commitment to a specific institution.

It is crucial to note that not all colleges practice yield protection, and most colleges still admit students based on merit and fit for the institution. Additionally, no college publicly declares that they practice yield protection, so it's not something worth agonizing over as you craft your school list.

To summarize, yield protection is a practice some colleges use to maintain their yield rate by waitlisting or rejecting overqualified applicants who may not attend if accepted. Keep in mind, though, that this practice is not universal, and demonstrating genuine interest can help show your commitment to enroll if accepted. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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