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Calculus vs Business Calculus: Which one should I take?

Hi everyone! I'm having a hard time deciding between taking regular Calculus or Business Calculus for my freshman year. I'm thinking of majoring in business, but I'm not quite sure yet. How do these two courses differ, and what would you recommend in my case? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're considering which course best suits your future academic plans. Let's talk about the key differences between regular Calculus and Business Calculus, so you can make an informed decision.

Regular Calculus is a comprehensive course covering concepts such as limits, derivatives, integrals, and applications related to various fields, including engineering, physics, and other sciences. This course is better suited for students who need a strong foundation in calculus for future coursework, especially if they plan on majoring in STEM fields.

On the other hand, Business Calculus is designed specifically for business and economics majors. It covers similar concepts to regular Calculus but focuses on their applications to business and economics problems, such as optimization, revenue, and cost analysis. This course often involves a lesser workload and moves at a slightly slower pace than regular Calculus.

In your case, since you're considering majoring in business, taking Business Calculus might be the better option due to its focus on practical applications in business scenarios. However, if you're unsure about your major or may consider a STEM-related field, regular Calculus can provide you with a broader foundation and more flexibility.

Regardless of which course you choose, it's important to ensure that the selected course satisfies the math requirements for your intended major or potential majors you might consider. You can consult your school's course catalog or reach out to an academic advisor for guidance.

Best of luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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