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Best summer programs in Massachusetts?

Hey y'all! I'm a junior from MA, and I'm exploring summer options. Can anyone recommend some good summer programs in Massachusetts? I'm open to all subjects, just looking for some cool opportunities. Thanks!

6 months ago

Hey there! Massachusetts has plenty of great summer programs for high school students. Since you're open to all subjects, I'll list some popular and reputable options across different areas of interest:

1. Boston University Summer Term: BU offers high school programs in various subjects, such as journalism, creative writing, and scientific research. These are great for exploring and developing your interests while experiencing life at a large university.

2. MIT Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES): This is a highly competitive residential program focused on STEM. While it's geared towards underrepresented minority students, it's open to all students passionate about STEM.

3. Harvard Summer School: Harvard offers summer programs specifically designed for high school students, with tons of courses to choose from across different subjects.

4. Northeastern University Accelerate: Pre-College Programs: Northeastern offers programs in a variety of fields like entrepreneurship, engineering, arts and media, and even game design.

5. Tufts Pre-College Programs: Tufts' pre-college programs range from a STEM-focused Research Experience to a Studio Art program, providing options for different interests.

6. Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) Summer Pre-College Program: If you're interested in exploring art and design, this three-week intensive program is worth checking out.

Make sure you pay attention to application deadlines and requirements for each of these programs. Also, some may have need-based financial aid available, so don't hesitate to look into that if needed.

Good luck exploring your options, and I hope you find a fantastic summer program in Massachusetts!

6 months ago

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