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Clark Atlanta University or Clemson University? Help!

Hi there! I'm deciding between Clark Atlanta University (CAU) and Clemson University (CU) for my major in chemical engineering. Is there any crucial factor I should be considering while making my decision? Please share your thoughts on academics, campus life, or job prospects at these schools!

6 months ago

Hello! It's a significant decision you're trying to make, so I'll try to provide some insights for you to consider when deciding between Clark Atlanta University (CAU) and Clemson University (CU) for your major in chemical engineering.


Clemson University is well-known for its engineering programs and boasts a strong reputation in various fields of engineering, including chemical engineering. Clemson has robust resources and facilities that cater to engineering students. On the other hand, Clark Atlanta University is an HBCU and is known for its strong emphasis on community and liberal arts. While CAU also offers chemical engineering, their focus may not be as concentrated as Clemson's.

Campus Life:

When it comes to campus life, your experience will vary greatly depending on the environment you prefer. Clark Atlanta University is known for its close-knit community, being an HBCU, and its location in Atlanta, Georgia, a bustling city with a rich African American history. With various universities nearby, you'll have opportunities to interact with students from different schools. Clemson University, located in Clemson, South Carolina, offers a small-town, close-knit community. Clemson's campus is known for its Georgian architecture, outdoor recreation, and strong athletic programs, especially in football - Clemson has won two national championships since 2015.

Job Prospects:

Both schools have connections with employers and industries, but the network and opportunities may differ. Clark Atlanta University's location in a major metropolitan area means access to a diverse range of companies and opportunities related to chemical engineering. On the other hand, Clemson University has a more established reputation in engineering and typically has strong connections to companies in the engineering field. Therefore, Clemson might offer better job prospects in terms of internships, co-ops, or post-graduation job placements for chemical engineers, but if you’re self-motivated, Clark Atlanta University, with its city location, may have an edge in helping you build your network while you’re still in college.

Ultimately, your decision should be based on which environment suits you better and how important certain factors (such as the strength of the engineering program, campus life, or location) are for you. I'd recommend visiting both campuses to get a feel for the atmosphere at each school, and speak to students, faculty, or alumni to get a clearer idea of what life is like there. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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