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Debating on Taking Spanish 3

I finished Spanish 2 last year, and I'm unsure if I should continue with Spanish 3. Would taking a third year of language look better to colleges than just two years? What were your experiences in Spanish 3 compared to Spanish 2?

6 months ago

Taking a third year of language is viewed positively by colleges, as it demonstrates your commitment to the subject and helps you build a stronger foundation in language skills. Many colleges prefer at least three years of a foreign language, and more selective institutions may even look for four years. Therefore, continuing with Spanish 3 could be advantageous in your college applications.

In terms of experience, Spanish 3 will build upon the grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge you learned in Spanish 2. It often involves more in-depth conversations, reading passages, and writing activities. As you progress from Spanish 2 to Spanish 3, you can expect the materials to become increasingly challenging and immersive, which will help you improve your overall fluency in the language.

I would recommend taking it, seeing as Spanish 3 could benefit you in terms of college admissions and as a personal goal to deepen your understanding of the language. But, it's important to evaluate your interests, workload, and schedule to determine if continuing with Spanish 3 is the right choice for you.

6 months ago

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